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LooseLay Originals LLP156 Hamden

Original price $70.18 - Original price $221.06
Original price
$70.18 - $221.06
Current price $70.18

Plank Size: 1050 x 250mm
Wear Layer:
Box Quantity:
8 Planks / 3.15m2

With around 500 species of oak growing around the world, there are as many variations in colour, grain and other natural features. Our Character Oak collection showcases perhaps the most popular, traditional and versatile colours of all.

Hamden celebrates the classic blonde tones of oak that for centuries have brought light and warmth to Europe's palaces and cosy homes alike. With its natural beauty, deep colouring, fine details and a textured emboss finish, Hamden will bring an authentic character to both contemporary and traditional spaces.